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New Year's Eve in Prague 2012-2013

Prague is getting ready for its guests to meet the upcoming New Year in an inviting atmosphere with the newly made friends amidst the shining glamour of the festive city in the heart of Europe. You are certainly going to appreciate list of restaurants that are great places to celebrate the New Year's Eve with great program.

Plan ahead

Register for updates in good time, so we can keep you informed of preparations for New Year’s Eve 2012-2013 in Prague. If you are planning to celebrate in central Prague, particularly if you want to attend the New Year’s Eve fireworks, it pays to plan ahead, including:
  • Travel plans before the fireworks event
  • Where you plan to be at midnight
  • How to get home

No ordinary night

New Year’s Eve in Central Prague is one of the busiest nights of the year. The popular viewing areas are full up to three hours in advance, and the areas around the Old Town are always thronging with people eagerly anticipating the celebration.

One of the best places to be

Prague is still one of the best places to be on New Year’s Eve. Pubs and restaurants, bars and clubs are open well into the night right across the capital. But be aware most pubs and clubs are ticketed, so, if you haven’t reserved in advance you may be disappointed to find there are few, if any, places to enjoy a drink or eat both before and after the event.

New Year's Eve night in Prague is great. The best place to be at midnight is the Old Town Square or at Charles Bridge as there are many people celebrating and the fireworks are all around.

Those who enjoy the warmth of a crowd, the echo of a countdown and the never-ending fizz of some quality champagne, you can’t beat a New Year at one of Prague’s main tourist attractions, the Wenceslas Square. Turn to the person next to you, clink your plastic glasses and wish them a happy New Year 2013.


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